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Please refer to the Rules of Etiquette so we keep disputes to a minimum and enjoyment to the max!

Blueberry Hill Dart League Etiquette

It is unfortunate that this list is necessary at all. With the hope that this list of guidelines and penalties need never be consulted, the following has been compiled in order to let our members know what is expected of them while playing this gentle sport, and what to do when another player becomes "what more than reasonable people should have to tolerate."

1.  Use common sense and compassion. The majority of problems can be dealt with politely and discreetly.

2.  Try to never disturb another player.

3.  If a player, while throwing, is bumped or otherwise disturbed by another not on his/her team, the player has the option of throwing the dart over.

4.  Only one (1) person can be at (or in front of) the throwing line at a time. Discuss strategy, outs, the weather, and wishes elsewhere. If a teammate needs (and wants) advice, do so from behind the rail as quietly as possible.

5.  Keep the number of players in front of the rail to a minimum. Only players of the current game should be in front of this rail.

6.  Never cross the imaginary line between your board and the board next to you.

7.  Never walk in front of the rail on your way elsewhere. Walk behind the shooter only after they have completed their throw.

8.  If a dart bounces off the board and lands in another board's lane, retrieve your dart only after the thrower next to you has completed their turn.

9.  Do not shout, scream, hurl your darts, kick, hit, or throw anything (or anybody).

10. Cursing is never allowed, above a whisper.

If a person is causing a disturbance in violation of one of the above rules, "or if they dream up something innovative and as bad," the following guidelines should help you rectify the problem without becoming part of the problem yourself.

1.  Ask them politely to cease and desist. Do not discuss their actions with them. Only inform them that their actions are disturbing you or a member of your team. If a person approaches you in this manner, stop and think of the disturbance. If you have a problem with their request, discuss it with your team captain.

2.  If the disturbance continues, inform the captain of the offending team. Let the captain know that this is the second request and describe the objectionable behavior.

3.  If all else fails, summon the commissioner. Assuming the commissioner agrees that the disturbance warrants action, the sequence of penalties will be as follows:

  • 1st complaint/season: a warning to both player and team captain
  • 2nd complaint/season: player suspension for remainder of match or next match
  • 3rd complaint/season: player suspension for remainder of season & next 2 seasons


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